Monday, November 24, 2008

Marie Antoinette Award

Alice,, has chosen me as one of her blogger friends to award with the Marie Antoinette tag. Thanks, Alice! In response, I get to pay it forward by selecting bloggers who, at this point in the award-giving gig, has not been mentioned, or at least I don't think they have been mentioned, and let me tell you I spent lots of time looking through all the blogspots on my Google Reader to make sure to find only those who weren't chosen so they, too, can be honored....whew! what a run-on students would be proud! Remember to snag and tag the picture from here and place it on your blogspot entry. Mention where you got it from and list new bloggers who have not received the award, but you feel should. Presenting the Marie Antoinette Award to: Ora, Someone who enjoys people, children, and pets, writes with wisdom and heart. Marlene,, lives near me but we've never met...however we are blog neighbors and that's a good thing. Kristi,, has interesting stories to tell. Tracy,, is a stay at home mom...good for you, Tracy! DB,, writes wonderful stories. Lucy,, lives life fully. Claudia,, also known as Claudia's Thoughts, works hard and long hours but still finds time to blog.
Stuart,, also known as Specimen Days, enjoys the Bible and finds ways to incorporate its teachings into daily living.
Jody,, has some interesting thoughts and too few readers.
Be sure to stop by and give them a hearty Hello! I know they will appreciate it.


Tracy said...

thanks for the award!!!! i was feeling a little left out lol. i hope you have a good week. hugs

D said...

congrats! Great choices

Beth said...

Congrats, Karen! That reminds me that we haven't heard anything from Jody for a while. I need to see if she's okay.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much Karen. I see that Tracy made it so I had mentioned her. I am so glad swhe got it. Lucy

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congrats to the awardees! you all deserve it!