Monday, February 9, 2009

Which One Shall I Go With?

Valentine's Day is this weekend and the love is in the air, as well as in my heart! It is time to start looking again.

In the free tabloid, In Your Prime, a February 2009 publication for Pennsylvania/New Jersey 55+ community, two articles regarding finding love after fifty have given me the strength to look beyond my past and towards my future. "A Love Letter to Yourself", by Edie Weinstien-Moser, reminds me that I am to treat myself with the same kind of affection and compassion I would towards another human being. With that, I went through a makeover. I lost a lot of weight, fixed up my hair and makeup, and renewed my spirit.

The other article, "Never Say Never", by Scott Edwards, tells of a woman who has lived a life similar to mine. Her latest breakup was particularly painful because she thought that he was The One. He wasn't, and it caused her to second guess her instincts and question her identity. Well, knock me over with a feather! Those words could have been mine. The heart warming tale takes us through her journey that ends in meeting her "soul mate" at the young age of 64.

Now if that isn't encourgement enough, I have my daughter cheering me on!

And I like who I see in the mirror these days.

So help me out, Friends. I am entering the internet world of senior dating and need a picture that will attract the right man. Which one shall it be? #1 which was taken a week ago, or #2 which was taken a year ago. Of course, you can also choose #3 which is the one yet to be taken.

I'm counting on you...

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3 Yet to be taken

Your vote is important to me.


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Lucy said...

I like no. 2. You look young and happy and carefree. Lucy

*Tracy* said...

i like them both but you should go with the 1st one as thats the most recent. i hope it works out for you, everyone deserves to find someone special and your a sweet lady! have a good week. hugs

Beth said...

I also like them both, but I think you look a little more youthful and happier in #1. I'm with Tracy, too, in that it's the most recent.

Did you know that Ken and I met online? Sometimes it DOES work! :)

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I say #1 :o)

Alice said...

I'd go with the more recent photo. The other person expects to see the person he might eventually meet :) Not that there's that much difference but I'd say #3 :)

DB said...

Well, from a senior man's point of view I favor #1. But both of them show you as an attractive, amiable woman who is probably fun to be with. Good looks are good, but also companionship becomes more important the older one gets. I say that as an experienced loner at 69 with the light of 70 fast approaching. Why not take that third picture and have a look at all of them together, and decide which one is the most honest.


od Bob said...

Number 2. You look so young in that one.


Indigo said...

As everyone else said I like them both, however I like the first one more. There is a quiet elegance and smile in that picture. It seems we've both curious about our appearance online. I just posted my own picture which in itself is kind of miraculous. I rarely post a picture of myself online. (Hugs)Indigo

mortonlake said... a honest opinion?i like them both,prefer 2 but i would go with the most recent.either way,you are a very attractive lady.and a lost fan.extra brownie points,lol.take care,mort xx

Rose said...

I like number 2. They both are beautiful and you are allowe more than one photo on the online dating sites.

Hugs, Rose

Jimmy's Journal said...

I like the second one better. Both are attractive but the "look" is better on the second one.


DB said...

How's that third picture coming?


LaVern said...

Think you look younger in #1, but I would be inclined to think most men would go with #2. Men seem to prefer a woman's hair longer and to be around the face. But really it comes down to which you think more attractive--and hopefully they will get to know the real loving person you are, so pictures won't be all that important. Hope you meet a loving man real soon. Hugs, LaVern