Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh yes we did!

Our one year wedding anniversary was on Valentine's Day. We honeymooned at Mohonk Mt Family Resort in NY. What a trip!
The accomadations were fabulous: full breakfast buffet, high tea, gourmet dinner all included. The recreational activities took us through the day and into the night. I mean, that's great for family vacations, but as newly weds, did we really need to do that much? Apparently yes, according to my hyperactive husband. "Never miss a moment", he would say, and off we go.
We ate our 'all you can eat' breakfast with relish and fervor (never miss a moment, right?) rationalizing that we will be burning off those calories throughout the day by snow shoe hiking, cross country skiing, walking around the Resort (inside and out), and whatever else HE thinks of.
By the time High Tea came around we were famished and ate like there was no tomorrow. And I wonder why I gained half the weight back since marrying this man who has no bottom.
Dinner was a full course meal which gave us TWO appetizers each, the entree, and dessert. "Not a problem," remarked my forever-hungry-hyperactive-when's dinner?-husband. "We have evening activities to attend. There's the one hour wildlife lecture, then the two and a half hour movie, then we can go for a winter walk to see the stars and enjoy the night's ambiance." He is such a romantic!
Don't think the romance ended there. My Mr. Right had flowers sent to the room, anniversary cards given to me each night we were there (2), and showered me with love and attention, compliments and adoration throughout the weekend. What a guy.
And the funny thing of all of this? We didn't have to go away to do the things we did (including the compliments, adoration, love and attention). But what the heck? Right? Nothing like doing it off location. I truly approve of married life.


madcobug said...

Sounds like you two had a great time. Happy belated Anniversary.

Susan Slear said...

It is wonderful to hear you sounding so happy. Obviously you are asking 100%. You deserve the best.

DB said...

Ahh, Karen, what a joyful story. Thank you for telling it.


Lucy said...

I do believe you lucked out when you met this guy that treats you so well It sounds like a great time and a Late Happy Anniversary to you both.

Rose said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Valentine's Day was my anniversary too. I miss my husband. Being a Widow is terrible.

Cherish all those wonderful moments with you hubby.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a great anniversary.