Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Like being back in high school/Like walking through a campsite

Hi Folks! Well here I am...guess the blogging bug is gonna stay with me. Today I spent time searching out old friends from JLand and tagging myself as a Follower to new blogger friends. This is so much fun and I find it quite relaxing. However...I feel as if I am back in high school and like I am walking through a campsite. Remember in high school the competition of dress, who your friends were, how many friends you had, how active you were in activities outside of school, and such? Well, traveling around the blogspot sites today reminded me of that. So many of you are decked out in awesome finery. Your expertise is evident. Being a new comer I am finding myself humbled, but encouraged. I don't see competition like I would see in high school, but I can see where it could become daunting for us new comers. It's a learning process and I'm loving it. As well, going through all the websites reminded me of the days I spent camping. I love the nights when every one had their campsite decked out to distinguish them for others and to show off some personality. It was so cool! Even more, I had so much fun viewing the creativity and whimsy and beauty of the various campsites. Those were fond memories and traveling through blogspot today brought that to mind. I don't see myself as getting too involved with the creative part of decorating my pad. I'm too left brain for that. I like to brag that my creativity comes in the manner in which I can reach a student with a learning strategy a teacher or parent did not think of. That is where my rewards are found. I get great pleasure out of visiting the sites and look forward to visiting often. Until then, stay creative, bring joy with your creative endeavors, and lucky me for reaping the benefits. Karen


Debbie said...

I'm plain Jane just like I was in high school. I wouldn't know how to begin to make my journal look pretty. I've seen some awesome ones out there.
I've been out of school so long I can't even spell right anymore. So if you stop by pardon my grammer, lol.

Alice said...

What a creative way to compare the two, Karen. You really hit the nail on the head. Now I know WHY it's so much fun with these blogs; it's like school all over and I loved school and this is still a learning process that I love. Holding you to your word, come visit :)......alice

a corgi said...

there are lots of very creative people with journals aren't there? I too, like you, like to look at their creativity; I've been so busy with other things I haven't had a chance to figure out how to spruce mine up yet but it will be a rainy day project provided it rains in So California

it is fun though to click the follow button to follow blogs isn't it?


Joyce said...

I sure know what you mean about the decked out sites. I'm doing good to have figured out how to post my animated graphics.
Hugs, Joyce