Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Up Close and Personal

This is Sheba, my eight year old mutt-a-gree. She is a mix of dacshund/manchester terrier/min pin/and italian greyhound. Sheba never leaves my side. Where ever I go, she goes: up the stairs, down the stairs, out to the car, back from the car. She sleeps on my pillow or between my legs. When I am babysitting, she stays close to my side and tolerates my giving attention elsewhere. Is she spoiled? You bet!
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D said...

she's also precious!

Missie said...

She's adorable!

a corgi said...

she's so cute!!


Joyce said...

Mutt's are the best pets. She's a honey.
Hugs, Joyce

Janie said...

LOL Sounds like my Shawnee but she don't sleep with me.. she weighs 115 pounds (not enough room). lol Thanks for sharing. Janie