Monday, May 19, 2014

And Life Goes On

Two weeks have passed since Sheba earned her wings and left to go be someone else's Angel.  I miss her, but now I am celebrating her time with me. She was a good dog, smart, obedient, serene, and oh so loving. She will serve her next mistress well and for that I am grateful.

Now, on to my next chapter in life, sans a dog, with a husband.  We've been married for four years, but are together for five years.  I met him in college, all those years ago, and never forgot him.  He felt the same.  Although our lives took different paths, forty-five years later we reconnected.  He is all I had hoped for and more.

Why do I love him?  Let me count the ways:
1. He makes me laugh, a deep and hearty laugh that comes from deep within.
2. He does the cleaning up of the dishes, pots and pans, when I do the cooking.
3. On the weekend he brings up the coffee so I do not have to get out of bed.
4. When he cooks, I clean up.  He cooks often. I don't mind the cleaning up part because it always ends up in a hugging and kissing fest.
5. He loves me unconditionally and believe me, I am not easy to live with.  Even I get frustrated with myself!
6. Weekends are full of activities, housework or house repairs be damned!  Hanging with my husband is as good as it gets.
7. My husband gets me.
8. I can go to him to sort things out and get a straight answer.
9. He is a man to respect and honor.  He is a rightous guy.
10. Arguments last no longer than a few minutes because we end up laughing about it.
11. Rarely, if ever, does he not say, "I love you".
12. The compliments are endless.
13. The surprises happen - and I never can catch him. That makes living with him so much fun.
14. He will do anything for me; just ask.

I can go on and on.  He will read this blog.  I don't want him to get a swelled head, so I will stop counting.

Until next time,

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