Friday, April 8, 2016

Where is my someplace?

My someplace is my journey.  It's like a cobweb with thousands of threads leading to thousands of places but always from a solidly  and masterfully designed center.

I remember this little girl who, being of rebellious nature and of inquisitive mind, took a walk one day and ended up 5 miles from her home.  She was interested in the way the sidewalk twisted and turned, and she was curious as to where it would lead.  So off she went, not thinking about consequences just wondering where the sidewalk would lead. 

Meanwhile, at home, her mother was frantic.  She did not know where her daughter went or disappeared to, or was she kidnapped?  She called the police!

The little girl, meanwhile, ended up at a supermarket where she found policemen approaching her.  They were quite friendly and so the little girl answered all their questions without fear.  Oh what a fun day this turned out to be for the little girl; or so she thought.

Her mother came to pick her up at the supermarket and was she ever furious!  The little girl did not know why. After all, she was fine, she was happy, and the policemen were so nice.

Later that day, her mother reprimanded her for being so foolish as to walk away from the house without telling anyone, but worse, from walking away from the house! Still the little girl did not understand.

Now the little girl is a woman and she continues to follow paths that lead her to someplace.  Every path was an adventure and every someplace was a place of wisdom. 

The cobweb is this person's being; the masterfully designed center is her spirit.  Without one the other just falls into nothingness.

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